Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous | Consecutive

Are you organising a conference with participants from abroad and need professional interpreters? Or are you expecting business partners and need help communicating?


My services include simultaneous interpretation, which means that the speaker's words are interpreted while he or she is speaking, and consecutive interpreting, in which longer passages are transferred into the target language by taking notes. I interpret from English into German and from German into English.


Conference interpreters always prepare for their assignments, so having a bit of material in advance is a plus and improves the quality of the output. 



Simultaneous interpreting:

  • The speech is transferred into the target language in real-time.
  • Interpreters work in teams of two, as simultaneous interpreting requires a great deal of concentration.
  • The interpreters work in a soundproof booth using an interpreting system.

Consecutive interpreting:​

  • The interpreter takes notes during the speech and transfers it into the target language afterwards.
  • This technique is mainly used for small meetings or field trips.

Professional Translations

Translations | Certified Translations

Are you looking for someone to translate a document or your website? I mainly work in the fields of engineering, technology, IT, marketing, environmental, sports and politics, but have a great network of colleagues for translations from other subject areas or for urgent assignments.

If you would like to know what a translation will cost and how long it will take, it would be good to find out the approximate number of words to be translated.

I can also offer certified translations for official documents.

Don't hesitate to call or send me an email to find out more or to request a quote.

A few examples of areas I have worked in:


helicopters, logistics, automotive, household appliances, power tools, energy, renewable resources, storage and materials handling, lighting, binoculars, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, brewing, machine tools, measuring and gauging, motorcycles, health and safety, quality assurance, bearings, heat treatment, GIS, mobile apps, telecommunications, mobile technology, software and hardware, CAD, websites, manuals, windpower, photovoltaics, electronics, commerical kitchens, engine technology, e-mobility, photography, printing, agriculture, textiles, military, eyewear, health and fitness, sports, games, job services, human resources, recruitment, arts and crafts, surveys, real estate, public relations, films and movies, wildlife, fishing and hunting, fashion, media, tobacco...

This is not an exhaustive list.


This is just a brief overview of my work. Please contact me to find out more.